Gippsland Australian Muslim Community Incorporated

About Us

GAMCI has been registered under the Association Incorporation Reform Act 2012, as a non-profit organisation, approved by the Victorian Consumer Affairs (as of 15th June, 2013). One of the purposes of the GAMCI is “to represent and enhance the interests of Muslim Community in Gippsland region and throughout Australia”. The GAMCI has all the legal requirement fulfilled to operate as In-corporate organisation. GAMCI plans to be an integral part of the Muslim and wider community of Gippsland.


We have several commitments to the community including

  1. To organise and conduct Islamic prayers, and festivals.
  2. To provide awareness to children and adults in order to preserve and maintain knowledge of Islamic culture and traditions.
  3. To represent and enhance the interests of Muslim community in Gippsland region and throughout Australia.
  4. To establish, foster and maintain goodwill and understanding between Muslim and larger communities.
  5. To establish and maintain contacts with other organisations having similar objectives as those of this incorporate.
  6. To establish and maintain a public display of Islamic art and gallery of Islamic calligraphy.
  7. To bring various Muslim groups from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds together.
  8. To bridge the gap between Muslim and other local communities to share the good values from both sides.
  9. To raise funds and operate finances in order to provide for and facilitate the activities of incorporate.
  10. To establish a community center and other facilities to house GAMCI's activities.